When I started to think about recording new music, I had only one goal. I wanted to record music that was real, genuine and had soul. In an age where many artist hide behind digital makeup and studio slight of hand. I wanted to record something more. Something that was raw and emotional. I wanted to get back to the basics.

 With some savings and with help from my Kickstarter backers I had enough funds to book a day at Welcome to 1979, to record vocals. The day before we were scheduled to record,  I had developed a nasty cold. I’m not going to lie, I was extremely nervous about recording. I struggle with self-doubt concerning my vocals and adding a cold on top of that, my stress levels were at a maximum. I did not have the funds to reschedule so I awoke that cold late February morning and make my way to Nashville.  When I arrived at the studio Bobby (producer) and Chris (engineer & studio owner) could tell I was under the weather. Chris made sure I was comfortable in the vocal booth and we started recording. The first few songs went well and we continued recording throughout the morning. We broke for lunch and as we started the afternoon, I began to feel much worse. After one unsuccessful take, I snapped at Bobby for some reason (I can’t remember why but he probably deserved it! Just kidding) and he told me to take a quick break. When I walked in the control room (pictured above) the assistant engineer had not only several hot teas & coffee for me to choose from, but a wide assortment of mugs as well. After a few minutes of silence and a hot beverage, I apologized and we went back to work again. We painstakingly finished the last song which seemed like it would never end. With four songs completed we had accomplished our goal for the day. 

The night before, I had scribbled some lyrics down on the back of some junk mail. On my three hour drive to Nashville that morning, I started thinking about those lyrics and came up with a structure and melody. After we finished recording the intended songs for day, I had the idea to record this new song, just for a reference. Chris set up a few microphones and I tuned up my guitar. At this point I am beyond tired, sick, sleep deprived and my voice is completely gone. I sat down, I strummed a few chords, Chris adjusted levels, and we were ready to begin. What you hear on the recording is the very first and only take. I closed my eyes and just sang. It was raw, emotional and real. I did not have any intentions that morning to record this song, or to include it on the EP. Especially not a song that was just acoustic guitar, violin, and vocals. 

Over the next few weeks, I let a few friends listen to the EP, and almost eveytime they would mention how much they loved the last song, which was “Alive.” I really could not believe that people liked a song was an afterthought. I learned that day that music is supposed to be felt, not over produced or be perfect. Those imperfections in music remind us that something beautiful can be created when we least expect it. 

 You can click here  ➡️Alive lyric video to watch the lyric video

And here ➡️ Free download for a download of alive. 

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