Before every song, the entire  band would meet in the control room and for the first time, hear my song. 

So, almost exactly 3 years after I started recording my first EP “Echoes,” I have embarked on a new EP. As always, I couldn’t imagine being in the studio without my old friend and producer Bobby Mckee. While on tour last December, Bobby suggested that we should record the new music analog. I was really excited at the thought of tracking on tape, like in the old days when we had pros, not protools. Bobby contacted a studio that he had recorded at in the past, and after a few emails, we had out first session booked at “Welcome to 1979.” I didn’t know what to expect from this first session. I’ve been a touring musician for years, and playing live is something I’m very comfortable with. Being in the studio is a completely different story. It’s hard to describe, but when you put the headphones on, your blood pressure rises, your mouth goes dry, and for some reason,  a case of nerves would set in. This particular session was the far from that. 

  Chris Mara is the owner of “Welcome to 1979” and also engineered the session. He is behind a 1978MCI JH428 that once belonged to Porter Wagoner.

Within minutes of walking in the doors at 1979, I could tell this studio was unlike any other. I was overwhelmed by the creative vibe that this place had. Most studios look more like a NASA control room and are very generic with an industrial look, but not 1979! This was the most creative space I’ve ever been in. This studio had life, had a realness that invited you to do your best. After we tracked the first song, the studio felt like a second home. 

This was not only the first time I met Chris, but it was the first time I’ve worked with him. Believe it or not, I’m very self-conscious about my music and especially my vocals. I think this is an insecurity that many artist struggle with . Chris was easy to work with and he made me feel very comfortable while tracking. My headphone mix was amazing! (If you’ve never been in the studio, a good headphone mix is a must!) 

 Part of the band in the live room  

The band Bobby  assembled are some of the finest musicians in the business. I still can’t believe they took time out of their busy schedule to track on my extremely low budget project. These guys believe in my music and that means more to me than award (even though a Grammy would be nice!).

Bobby Mckee- Producer, electric and acoustic guitar 

Stan Saxon- Drums

Michael Steele- Bass

Ed Smoak- Acoustic Guitar

Billy Livsey- Organ and piano

Me- Vocals, violin and acoustic 

Mike Rogers- Harmony vocals

Cameron McClaren- Percussion

Smith Curry- Steel Guitar 

Bobby getting in a quick game of pinball between takes


Mixing will hopefully start soon. This EP wouldn’t be possible without the support from my Kickstarter backers! I can’t say enough how much I appreciate every backer. I think you guys will be happy with your investment and I can’t wait to share the new music!

  No substitute for the real or reel thing!  No plugins here!


Tracking to tape was the coolest. I really believe music is meant to be recorded on tape. You can hear the subtle nuances of every instrument. When you record digital (on a computer) the goal is for the end result to sound warm and full like analog. In my humble opinion, no plugin can ever reproduce what can be created from an actual tape machine and analog outboard gear.
  Me and Billy Livsey


Cameron trying to look like a professional 

Check out for information about this killer studio

Also, check out Bobby’s site

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